Lypossage Certification Program

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A fusion of home study curriculum and live, face to face training, this course details the history of Lypossage, the physiology and anatomy related to the technique, and the specific protocols developed by founder Charles W. Wiltsie, III, BS, LMT.

This course will cover fundamental elements of Lypossage, including the theory and history of the technique and how it will educate and demonstrate the different facets of Lypossage including Zone 1-2-3. Lypossage is a detoxifying body contouring treatment that results in dramatic inch loss as well as look of cellulite reduction. This treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities cleanses the body of stagnant, lymph fluid that can create the lumps and bulges we know as cellulite. The Lypossage strokes break up fat-bound to crystallized collagens in the skin that contribute to the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite.

Zones in Lypossage
  • Zone 1-Thigh, Hips and abdomen
  • Zone 2- Back, Chest and Arms
  • Zone 3 – Neck and Face

**This online curriculum is a prerequisite to live, in person CE training in Beverly Hills, CA (20 CE credit hours).

LSC 101 Lypossage lecture e-course online

LSC 102 Lypossage Certification Course Zone 1-2-3
(Pre-requisite Lecture e-course LSC 101)


LSC 101 Lypossage lecture e-course online

LSC 103 Lypossage Certification Course Zone 1
(Pre-requisite Lecture e-course LSC 101)

LSC 104 Lypossage Certification Course Zone 2-3
(Pre-requisite Lecture e-course LSC 101 & LSC 103)